Crowds gathered at the House of Representative Merauke - Jubi / Frans L Kobun.

Thousands of Marind people conduct a rally at Merauke Parliament Office

Crowds gathered at the House of Representative Merauke – Jubi / Frans L Kobun.

Merauke, Jubi – About 1500 Marind people from Yobar, Spadem, and Kayakai conducted a rally at the House of Representatives (DPRD) Merauke to urge the local government to address the payment of 60 hectares of their land immediately.

The crowds arrived at around 11:00 pm (at the local time) and met Fransiskus Sirfefa, the Chairman of DPRD Merauke.

Besides carrying banners and caricatures, they also wear the traditional customs and attributes and honk the horn of their vehicles.

After negotiating, their representative, Waros Gebze, was finally approved to meet the chairman and other parliament members. He affirmed that the rally, which has conducted for the second time, was aimed to solve the payment of 60 hectares of land owned by the community in the area of Mopah Airport.

“Today we also ask the local government including the National Land Agency (BPN) Merauke to measure the land,” he said.


Moreover, he said the community commit not to go home if the government do not response their demand.

Meanwhile, the Head of Transportation Office of Merauke District Jakobus Duwiri said his office had coordination with the Head of Mopah Airport and agreed to do the land measurement on the community’s land.

In the afternoon the representative of the Marind community together with the government team including BPN went to the location for land measurement. (*)

Reporter: Ans K

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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