Young Papua Senator at The House of Representatives of Indonesia Republic of (DPD-RI) Yanes Murib - Jubi / Hengky Yeimo

Papua Senator accused TNI/Police of doing public deception

Young Papua Senator at The House of Representatives of Indonesia Republic of (DPD-RI) Yanes Murib – Jubi / Hengky Yeimo

Makassar, Jubi – A member of Papua Regional Representative Council (DPD-RI) from Papua, Yanes Murib, accused TNI and Police of making public deceived of the situation in Tembagapura, Timika to all Indonesian people.

“Media propaganda is overdoing it, as if the people in Banti and surrounding areas are in a critical or emergency situation,” said Yanes Murib to Jubi, Monday (November 20).

He asserted that the alleged hostage taking by TPN-OPM in Kampung Banti and surrounding areas is not true. He called the information as a propaganda that brings into conflict.

“It should be informed to the public that conditions on the ground are not as reported by the national media and the local media are all propaganda,” Yanes added.

Yanes also challenged accusation that said the TPN-OPM take hostage, raped, and killed. According to him it was impossible, while there are wives of them among the community, or son, family and relatives tribe. He questioned the purpose and interests of the country to make false news to the people of Indonesia.


He considered the TPN-OPM is clearly against only TNI/POLRI and not ordinary. “Their demands clearly define their own political rights,” said Yanes.

As a member of DPD RI he asked the state to stop doing public deception and propaganda of local and national media, and do not harm Papuan community.

Meanwhile, Legislator Papua, Laurenzus Kadepa said he wanted evidence of hostage taking against residents in Kampung Banti and Kimbeli, Tembagapura District, Mimika Regency, Papua.

“We want evidence, such as videotapes showing residents in Banti and Kimbeli actually being held hostage, and what the demands of those who declare themselves as TPN and OPM on this issue,” Kadepa said.(

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