Papuan student takes part on a rally in Surabaya, East Java province, on 2013 - Suplied

Papua Legislator Cast Doubts OPM Commander’s Reported Resignation

Papuan student takes part on a rally in Surabaya, East Java province, on 2013 - Suplied
Papuan student takes part on a rally in Surabaya, East Java province, on 2013 – Suplied

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua legislator Laurenzus Kadepa cast doubts on reports that a commander of West Papua Liberation Army/Papua Free Movement (OPM), Goliath Tabuni, has laid down arms and become a timber businessman.

He questioned the accuracy of the reports about Tabuni, who is based in Tinggi Nambut, Puncak Jaya Regency, saying that the  desire for independence is not something that could be easily abandoned.

As the OPM Commander, Tabuni would not accept offers easily.
“I am not sure that Goliat Tabuni has come down. Because the ideology is priceless,” Kadepa said on Tuesday (13/10/2015).

He also had other reason that some times ago the Papua Police has named Goliath Tabuni in the wanted list. Even the Inspector General Yotje Mende who acted as Papua Police Chief at that time said although Tabuni was surrender himself, he would still facing the legal process. “So, I doubt it. However, if this is true, I hope there is no more shooting incident happened in Puncak Jaya in the future,” he said.

Kadepa, who’s the member of Commission I of the Papua Legislative Council for Politic, Legal and Human Right Affairs, further said the story of Keli Kwalikm the OPM Commander in Mimika is the lesson learned.  At that time, the security forces shot dead Keli Kwalik, someone who accused being responsible on several acts of shooting in Mimika region. But after his dead, the shooting still continues to happen in that region.
“It means there are those who play the game, and Keli Kwalik was only become the scapegoat. Now, Goliath Tabuni was reportedly step down. But is that guarantee for there is no more shooting? However, the steps taken by Puncak Jaya Regent Henock Ibo to ensure the security of his territorial should be appreciated,” he said.


Earlier, in a number of media coverage, Goliath Tabuni was reported to change his way of life to a businessman of timber. Puncak Jaya Regent Henock Ibo said the local government has donated a chainsaw and fuels for him. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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