Nicolas Meset (Jubi)


Nicolas Meset (Jubi)
Nicolas Meset (Jubi)

Suva, 6/3 (Jubi) – Students of Fiji National University thought one of three Papuan Representative who joined the Indonesian Delegation in the mission Fiji in order to promote the Special Autonomy Law in Papua, Nicolas Messet was childish.

It began when he started an argument with a student in Fiji National University where he and his two colleagues, Siriel Mofu and Franzalbert Yoku gave a public lecture on the Special Autonomy in Papua on Thursday (6/3).

A student of Fiji National University named Rodney suddenly came with a question about the news on the assassinations towards the indigenous Papuans in the question and answer session of their presentation. Instead of answering the question, Nicolas Messet was requesting the confirmation about the information. “Where have you got this? I don’t know about it,” he said firmly and loudly.

The student was also keeping his argument and insisting for a clarification. “I browsed it through my phone before I came to this lecture,” Rodney gave his argument.

Finally, the argumentation that was taken about a minute was able to interrupted by Franz Albert Yoku. Meset then asked Rodney’s number to explain further about the situation of Papua in personal.


Nelson, a student who also participated in the lecture, said Meset’s attitude was immature. “He is not a good diplomat. He is rude,” he said. He further concluded that behind his attitude, Meset was hiding something. “We can see there is something they’ve been hiding,” said Nelson. (Jubi/Mawel/rom)

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