Logging still being best non oil and gas commodity in Papua (IST)


Logging still being best non oil and gas commodity in Papua (IST)
Logging still being best non oil and gas commodity in Papua (IST)

Jayapura, 3/3 (Jubi) – Exports from Papua in January fell nearly 74 percent from December, the statistics agency said.

Non-oil commodity exports in January were valued at 125.33 million dollars, compared to 477.57 million dollars in December.
“This value is lower the 73.76 percent than the previous month. The decrease was driven by lower copper ore and concentrate exports in January 2014 by 78.24 percent compared to the value in December 2013 and the absence of other groups of non-oil exports, ” said the head of the Papua Central Statistics Agency, Didik Koesbianto, in Jayapura, Papua on Monday (3/3).

The decline in the value of HS26 exports amounted to 50.24 percent and the absence of non-oil exports triggered the decline of the exports value in January 2014.

In January, 81.85 percent of export revenue came from copper ore grades and concentrates (HS26), at 102.58 million U.S. dollars. The figure is a sharp fall compared to 368.84 million U.S. dollars  in December.

“This is due to a decrease of 78.12 percent in the volume of copper concentrate exports accompanied by the fall in the average export of HS26 price in January 2014 of 0.56 percent,” Didik explained.


Exports of timber and timber goods (HS44) in January were valued at 15.15 million.
“Besides exporting plywood to the Middle East, HS44 exports in January 2014 HS44 were also directed to China,” he said.

The value of copper concentrate exports in January was worth 62.91 million U.S. dollars for Spain, 19.81 million dollars for the Philippines, and 19.86 million U.S. dollars for China.

Meanwhile, the head of distribution at Papua BPS, Adriana Robaha, said the value of exports to major country destinations amounted to 110.38 million dollars.
“Other export destinations including Middle Eastern countries for plywood,” said Adriana. (Jubi / Alex/ Tina)

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