The national road widening project along the road from Sentani to Jayapura (Jubi)

135 residents of Heram Sub-district will be displaced

The national road widening project along the road from Sentani to Jayapura (Jubi)
The national road widening project along the road from Sentani to Jayapura (Jubi)

Jayapura, 3/2 (Jubi) – the Head of Heram Sub-district, Jayakusuma, admitted that 135 residents involving the house-shop’s owners and economic agents in Heram Sub-district will be certainly displaced because of the national road widening project along the road from Sentani to Jayapura.

“From the follow up meeting three weeks ago, it’s noticed there are 135 residents that will be displaced from the national road widening project: who will be displaced and how wide the land measures,” Jayakusuma said to, Monday (3/2).
Jayakusuma also revealed that at the early stage of the national road construction, it would start from the city border to the Heroes Cemetery Waena in both left and right sides of the road. “There are houses, fences, lands and hotels that would be certainly drove out, and most of them who are exposed by the widening road project are located approximately 11 meters from road alignment,” he said.
He also refused any talks related to the compensation of land price because it’s not his authority to inform it to the public. “They all agree about the compensation because widely this is about the public interest. About the compensation, it is the authority of the provincial government,” Jayakusuma said.
Jayapura Mayor, Benhur Tomy Mano, said the Municipality Government supports the program of Central Government that crossing the city area.  At the moment, the most important is, further he said, the Central Government through related department who manage this project should coordinate with sub-district and villages chiefs to gather the residents who will be affected by this project for a dialogue. Whatever it would be discussed, it should be well agreed by community for able to conduct the road widening project of Sentani Road to the Heroes Cemetery Waena.

“I accept the road widening project. What I underline about it is the related stakeholder should explain to the land certificate holders about this road-widening project.  A good solution is able to make the community lives in peaceful and accepts, and for people who work in the project, they can work peacefully and successfully without any bother from the community who has land-tenure rights on the location where the road widening project will be done. (Jubi/Sindung/rom)

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