Deerd Tabuni, Chairperson of Papua House of Representative (Jubi)

Chairperson of People’s Representative Council of Papua : Do not underestimate the Issue of Puncak Jaya

Deerd Tabuni, Chairperson of Papua House of Representative (Jubi)
Deerd Tabuni, Chairperson of Papua House of Representative (Jubi)

Jayapura , 28/1 ( Jubi ) – Chairperson of People’s Representative Council of Papua, Deerd Tabuni, disagree with other parties in giving a judgment on the issue of Puncak Jaya as not important.

“I disagree if there are those who consider the incidents of Puncak Jaya as the unimportant issue. Puncak Jaya is currently becoming the international spotlight. The issue out there was not the ordinary case,” Deerd Tabuni said to the reporter via his cellphone, Tuesday (28/1).

According to him, the series of incidents lately occured in Puncak Jaya was not the issue of tribal or security distraction, but it is more about the ideology issue.
“We must resolve it together instead starting attack each other. The army and police also are supposed to be able to restraint. The problem was started with the oblivion of the police officers that lose their weapon seized by the armed group. And now the weapons turn to be a treat for the community and the police as well,” he said.

Tabuni asked the Army and Police to restraint and not make this problem broadly improved. They should stop chasing so that people would not have more fear.
“Now the local community is living in fear. If the army and police want chasing the want Liberation Army, they should not put the community in fear. The army and police officers are supposed to able to be restraint,” he said.

The Deputy Chief of Papua Police, Drs. Paulus Waterpauw, said the police officers and army in Puncak Jaya were not chasing the group who broke the law. They just did the law enforcement.
“Law enforcement must be done, because they have broke the law. They stole the state weapon and killed people including the members of army and police,” said the deputy. (Jubi/Arjuna/P.Maizier)  


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