Member of Commission D of Papua Legislative Council on infrastructure, Sinut Busup (Jubi)


Member of Commission D of Papua Legislative Council on infrastructure, Sinut Busup (Jubi)
Member of Commission D of Papua Legislative Council on infrastructure, Sinut Busup (Jubi)

Jayapura , 17/1 ( Jubi ) – Member of Commission D of Papua Legislative Council on infrastructure, Sinut Busup urges Yahukimo Government to complete Dekai Airport construction.

Sinut Busup who is also a member of DPRP, elected from Yahukimo regency and surrounding areas , said that local government should realize the amount of development budget in the region, especially the construction of Dekai Airport .
” A while ago, we, Commission D met the Airline company, Commander of Military Area ( Pangdam), Commander of Air Force Military ( Danlanud) , Chief of Papua Police office, head of Transportation Department of Papua Province. Danlanud claimed that Hercules planes could actually serve the route to Yahukimo if Dekai airport were repaired. Because the distance of aircraft waiting space and airport building is so closed, so that if Hercules plane is landing, it will damage the waiting room . ” said Sinut Busup , Friday ( 17/6 ) .
According to him, Yahukimo Regent has also said that in 2014 a bigger airline can fly to Dekai airport.
“There is Rp 20 billion from the 2014 budget allocated for modifying Dekai airport. Garuda has also been willing to fly to Yahukimo if the tower and bridge in the airport to be addressed . So , now it is important working on  how transportation department and local government should follow up. ” he said .
Sinut then said that his institution has fought for the budget, so this budget must be used well and with either no more waiting until next year.
“It is for Hercules can enter and Garuda promised to get in if the airport is fixed . If there is smooth flight would not be hampered distribution of groceries anymore , ” he said .
“Airfield at Pangkema District and Seradala District Seradala alos have budget. It is around Rp . 800 million per- airfield. It also needs revamping so that people do not wait the airline longer when theairline will take leave the airport.” continued Sinut .

Previous members of Commission D of DPRP, Erwin Kbarek asked Papua Provincial Government to pay attention particularly to fixing the three major airports in Papua are categorized as international airports.They are Sentani Airport in Jayapura, Mopah Airport in Merauke and Frans Kaisiepo Airport in Biak .
” Although there is no foreign airline taking Papua route, but the three airports have status as international airports. So, it is the time for government to pay attention and fix them. At least supporting facilities at the airport need to be completed. ” said Erwin Kbarek .
According to Erwin, he will continue to establish communication with the Government of Papua Province and each regencies in order to modify these airports .
“Especially when we with Governor of Papua met Angkasapura as the manager of the airport in Papua. The governor promised to give the airport budget to modify and the release of customary rights .” he said . ( Jubi/Arjuna/Tina)

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