Front office of Imigration Office of Jayapura (Jubi)


Front office of Imigration Office of Jayapura (Jubi)
Front office of Imigration Office of Jayapura (Jubi)

Jayapura, 09/01 (Jubi) – Three Nepalese citizens, Prashain, Thapa Chhetri and Khadka, who were arrested by the Immigration Office Class 1 of Jayapura since Monday, 30 December 2013, today (09/01) were departed to Jakarta with the commercial flight for being deported to their home country.

The Head of the Immigration Office Class 1 of Jayapura, Sonaryono, when confirmed to the reporters, acknowledged this issue. He said that three Nepalese has been departed from Jayapura to Jakarta by Batik Air Lines.
“Departed to Nepal via Kuala Lumpur tomorrow, 10 January. So we put them in the detention of Immigration Cengkareng for waiting to be departed at 12:00 a.m,” said Sonaryono, Thursday (09/01).

“We provided only one officer to transfer them to Jakarta. We direct appointed the Head Division since he is the experienced person,” said Sonaryono.

According to Sonaryono, one of these Nepalese was known had a wife from Blitar, East Java. “Before depart to Australia, they were planning to go to Blitar visiting his child there,” he said.

Previously, the Head Section of Superintendence and Investigation of Immigration Office Class 1 of Jayapura, Samuel Enock, explained that the three Nepalese were suspected in the immigration office, so that the immigration officers conducted the further investigation towards them and finally found out that Australia is their final destination.


“When three Nepalese came to Indonesia via Ngurai Rai Airport, Bali, then continued to Mataram, Lombok, Kupang and returned to Kupang via Jayapura. Then flied to Merauke and then returned to Jayapura,” said Samuel, Thursday (02/01). (Jubi/Indrayadi TH/P. Maizier).

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