The West Papua Liberation Army (IST)

The shooting in Mulia Puncak Jaya, allegedly often done by teenagers

The West Papua Liberation Army (IST)
The West Papua Liberation Army (IST)

Jayapura, 09/01 (Jubi) – The armed attacks against civilians and Police Station, in District of Puncak, which resulted a civilian dead and 8 weapons belonging to the police was seized, responded by the Vice Regent of Puncak Jaya , Justus Wonda .

Wonda said shooting in Mulia , Puncak Jaya, allegedly often done by teenagers who are still in school .
” The children of the group they always come to join the community and ask for help to the government . In community activities as well as activities of the government , they are always there . They were ordinary people . They are not coming using the uniform , ” said Vice Regent to reporters in Jayapura on Wednesday ( 08 / 01 ) .

If they successfully seized weapons belonging to military or police , said Vice Regent , their status in the group will be increase . But the group does not have a clear leadership structure.

“Although they are in young age , when they could seized a weapon, their status and position in the group will be increase . Anyone should to respect him . Including kids who often shoot members of the military and police or civilians . If he successfully seize any weapon, may join any group and got the position, ” he said .

Until now there are 3 armed groups in the district of Puncak Jaya. These three groups located in Yambi area. In fact , some members of these group are still under age , often wandering in the City of Mulia, without any suspicion.
“They are elementary school students , junior high school and above. So it is difficult to identify. We do not know whether these kids is OPM or not . They are not using the uniform. We know the OPM’s leader such as Goliath Tabuni. But these kids in the city of Puncak Jaya is very difficult to be identified .” Wonda added.


The local government also recognizes the difficulty in seeking information from the public .
” When we asked where the kids, they definitely say they do not know .”  said the Vice Regent of Puncak Jaya. (Jubi/Indrayadi TH/Victor Mambor)

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